smelgoza@gmail.com Fernandez Avatar
smelgoza@gmail.com Fernandez
7/31/2019 - Google

Excellent customer service !!! Thanks again ?

Lucy Yu Avatar
Lucy Yu
6/11/2019 - Google

Needed a car repair today and I received immediate assistance here with Lee, zero wait time and excellence service, super helpful !!

Also, the price here is transparent and reasonable, would definitely come to Golden West Collision Center and come to Lee for help when I have problems with my car.

6/10/2019 - Google

My car was sideswiped in a hit and run accident and I brought my car to Golden West. Joe and his team did a fantastic job with my car. All the panels were affected in the accident and after the repair, the car looks brand new. You can't even tell it was ever in an accident. Because of the amount of damage it took a couple of weeks to fix. They kept me up to date every step of the way so I never had to wonder what was going on with my car. The car was ready to the date that they estimated. I wouldn't hesitate to trust them with my car again!

Atul Mohan Avatar
Atul Mohan
5/28/2019 - Google

Running an honest business!!

Someone bruised their door against my car in the parking lot. I went to Golden west via Geico. I wasnt sure, if the mark can be taken off via buffing or would need a dent/ paint job since it looked pretty deep. However, I asked and received an honest answer that it can be totally taken off via buffing. Not only they took off that mark, but also helped take off couple other buff marks which I ended up putting on the trunk while putting/ taking groceries, which were totally unrelated to the event They also gave me a paint 1x1 for handling chips/ cracks. All done in 20-25 mins. I highly recommend them.

Jikang Chen Avatar
Jikang Chen
5/21/2019 - Google

My car got keyed on all three panels at the passenger side. Went to this shop and done the painting. The job is spotless and costed significantly less than what a BMW center would charger. I also had some disagreement with the insurance company with regard to my claim, and some mis-communication happened in between. But Henry, the manager, is very nice and worked very professionally to help me to arrive at a resolution. I am very satisfied with the service from this shop.

jaime santos Avatar
jaime santos
2/28/2019 - Google

I brought my car to get an estimate but turns out my car wasnt that bad The gentleman that helped me his name is, Joe the owner as a professional he cared more about saving me time and money more than anything else you want quality friendly honest quality services take it to Golden West Collision center in Sunnyvale California.

Ray Cisneros Avatar
Ray Cisneros
2/28/2019 - Google

My niece had a real ugly crease on her door panel and this guy a Joe buffed it out took care of it within like 20 minutes maybe look like brand new I highly recommend this place

babu prasad Avatar
babu prasad
9/28/2018 - Google

I have done the passenger door repair in the month of January and later I came to know child lock is always on. Today I went to Golden West Collision with out appointment and they have identified the issue and fixed it with in 10 minutes. Joe is really nice person and staff is so polite.


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